The Most Undisruptive Radio Ads

By Grey Midwest - Cincinnati

For Procter & Gamble Brand Febreze

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Project Description
Febreze’s approach to marketing has always focused on reaching consumers where they spend the most time. But with TV viewership continuing its steady decline in the US (Source 1), Febreze needed to better reach young audiences, specifically Millennials. At the same time, Febreze realized streaming radio was on the rise and a perfect medium to make a meaningful Febreze connection with Millennials.
Our aspiration was to compose songs so good people would forget they were being interrupted by an ad, and instead, feel like they were listening to a new, unknown track as part of their favorite playlist.
Source 1: Nielsen “Total Audience Report,” People Using TV (PUT) reporting, 2017
Agency Solution
Radio was the perfect place to reach Millennials, but our research also showed that Millennials loved their music, and even though they tolerate ads in their streaming playlists, that didn’t mean they liked them.
Our idea was simple, create The Most Undisruptive Radio Ads. The #1 Air Freshener brand gave music streaming ads a fresh take. Instead of killing people’s vibe, we hacked the system with…music. Like really good music.
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