The Cost of Sexism

By Grey - Sao Paulo

For XP Investimentos

Winner in category Data-Driven

Project Description
Financial world is still a boy's club, despite dozens of researches and articles suggesting that more women would benefit whole economy. XP Investments, the largest consultancy company in Brazil, is aware of this problem.
Ana Laura is a rising star financial adviser, that became XP's spokeswoman and digital influencer. However, every time she makes an educational video about stock options or personal finances, over 90% of the comments are about her appearance - harassing or just offensive. Ana has impressive credentials and knowledge, but these men ignore it all to silence her through sexist comments.
XP believes that it has the responsibility to make sure that women are respected, heard and have the same opportunities as men to do their jobs on the financial market. That's when, in partnership with Ana, it decided to act against sexism - and make people aware that when they ignore women, we all pay the price.
Agency Solution
Men feel comfortable making sexist comments and silencing women because they usually don't have to face any consequences. For this reason, on International Women's Day, XP and Ana tried something they had never done before: she answered back.
After an extensive stock market analysis, that compared stock option variations since the comment was made, Ana sent a reply to all those men, proving with data and numbers that they had lost money. And the reason for that was simple: it happened because they focused on her appearance and ignored her insight.
As the sexist comments were made on public Facebook videos, Ana answered them directly in a public manner as well - so everyone could see the answers in real time and be aware that sexism has a hidden cost that no one thinks about.
It all started when tracking down XP videos featuring Ana Laura that had received sexist comments. There were plenty of them over a 6-month span, and those were the focus of the activation.
Ana and a team of specialists analyzed IBOVESPA's (Brazil’s Stock Exchange) variations over this period and concluded that some of these men could have achieved in 3 months what regular bank savings would take a whole year to return, had they listened to her advice.
Then, on International Women's Day, Ana made dozens of videos that were posted as replies directly to previously selected comments, proving that those men had lost money.
Besides the answers, another video was posted on XP's timeline on Facebook and Instagram: a summarized version of Ana's videos, inviting all our fanbase to go watch the original videos and see Ana's replies to the sexist comments.
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