Revenge of the Fishmoth

By Ogilvy - Johannesburg

For Tiger Brands Brand Doom

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

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Project Description
For over sixty years, Doom has been well known amongst South Africans for its fast, deadly killing power, effective for ridding you of pests. And as an iconic brand it has weaved its way into South African culture, featuring on social media whenever there was a light-hearted moment or some form of satire. It’s this ability to see the funnier side of life and make fun of ourselves as South Africans that has inspired Doom to use humour in their communication over the years, especially in a segment where our competitors are taking the serious, informative approach.
We’ve all been there, a bug enters the house and you quickly reach for the nearest magazine, fluffy slipper, dish cloth, spatula or elastic band etc. to try and kill it. But what if you don’t kill the bug and instead you leave it mangled and disfigured? Well, now you have a problem. Because now you have a spitting mad bug that’s coming for revenge.
In this advert we feature an angry fishmoth that vows to make the life of the person who tried to kill it, but failed, hell. It’s going to eat everything this person owns, it’s even going to devour their marriage certificate. In the end the fishmoth concludes by landing the point that this could have all been avoided had the person used Fast, deadly Doom in the first place.
Agency Solution
A campaign of 3 radio spots was launched on various radio stations across South Africa and is airing for 6 months.
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