BK Bot

By DAVID - Miami

For Burger King

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

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Project Description
Automation is evolving and revolutionizing every industry. It’s also replacing us humans as well. Even advertising may not be immune, because of advances in artificial intelligence which claim to be able to mimic actual human created creative.
In response to this social fear, Burger King wanted to make a pro-human. As passionate hands-on makers, we launched a nonsensical campaign that shows the folly of giving full control to A.I. and prove that humans can’t be easily replaced.
Burger King laughed at the issue by talking about it in a self-deprecating way – by making a campaign that only humans can make. Together with influencer and Twitter comedian Keaton Patti, we launched a fictional bot that supposedly wrote its own campaign through machine learning. It was a satire of the whole conversation. It showed what happens when you give robots too much power, proving that human creativity can’t be replaced.
People were confused and couldn’t tell whether the campaign was actually written by A.I. or a human. The writing intentionally walked between this line, proving in the end that only humans could come up with such nuanced sense of humor.
Agency Solution
The copywriting was key to make the campaign feel believable. If we wanted to trick people into thinking our social media channel was taken over by artificial intelligence, we needed to actually sound like machine learning gone wrong.
Through crafted copywriting, we imitated a bad A.I. trying to write commercials. They were intentionally made to walk a fine line between making people believe that this was actually written by a robot and hilariously absurd.
We started by posting messages for all of our followers to see. We then messaged people who interacted with our posts individually. Our goal was to fool the audience into thinking these terrible ads were made by a bad A.I. (even though it was actually written by humans).
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