Contract Translator

By Grey - Sao Paulo

For Reclame Aqui

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Promo & Activation

Project Description
There are thousands of legal terms used in contracts / terms and conditions of online platforms. Generally, they are inserted in documents to favor companies in different ways, from taking advantage of a difficulty, to binding the customer to a specific situation. In addition to these terms, it is also possible to confuse the layman just by writing in an extremely complicated way a sentence that was supposed to be simple. To help the consumer to solve these problems, Contract Translator brings together 8,000 legal terms and 800,000 complex sentences present in more than 600,000 contracts. Then, artificial intelligence crosses all the data with another 950,000 phrases written in colloquial language to translate complex contracts into common language.
Agency Solution
The Contract Translator is a combination of several expertises: lawyers, programmers, UX designers and linguists. A team of 15 people working exclusively to create a tool that identifies legal terms and sentences that are either complicated or written in a way to deceive the consumer. In the database of the application / website, over 100,000 contracts were input, containing 800,000 complicated written sentences, 8,000 legal terms and another 1 million sentences in colloquial language. Based on concepts of probability, the tool identifies a word or term and ‘translates’ it in that context, suggesting how it must be transformed in order to simplify its understanding without changing its meaning. The work was conducted by BL & MM Analytics & Research under the coordination of Data Scientist Fabio Meletti de Oliveira Barros with the support of the research team of Prof. José Afonso Mazzon from FEA / USP, the largest university of technology in Latin America.
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