Try Not To Hear This

By DAVID - Miami

For The Coca-Cola Company Brand Coca-Cola

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Print

Project Description
With 126 years of rich sensorial advertising, what can Coca-Cola do next?
There’s an effect that happens in our brain called synesthesia. It’s when two senses cross in our brains, producing the impression that you’re sensing one thing even though you’re stimulated via another.
So, with this in mind, how could we take the next step in reminding people of Coca-Cola’s iconic-ness?
By using Coca-Cola’s iconic-ness, we are inviting people to “hear” our print ads. We are activating a sensorial memory that lives in people’s brains to get them to hear sounds in their head by simply looking at our ads.
The uncapping of a Coke bottle, the opening of a can, the fizzing of the soda – these are top-of-mind visuals that instantly recall a specific sound in people’s brains.
Agency Solution
We leveraged every recognizable asset from Coca-Cola to connect with anyone who’s had a Coke before. Whether it was the fizzing of the Coke or the opening of a can, we used these instantly identifiable rituals to bring back memories attached to the 126-year-old brand.
The call to action of the campaign is a challenge to the viewer, asking them to “try not to hear this.” Inevitably, they will always hear the image they’re looking at because of a phenomenon that happens in our brains called synesthesia.
This campaign relies heavily on a message sent directly into people’s subconscience. Coca-Cola’s iconic-ness is so top of mind, that viewers can’t help but fill in the silence with the expected sound that they’re seeing in the image of the print ad.
These ads are invading a space that a visual campaign has never used before: people’s memories.
We placed the campaign in magazines, newspapers, billboards, and bus stops across Europe.
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