The Pole

By Santo - Buenos Aires

For Coca - Cola Brand Sprite

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Film

Project Description
Under the new brand concept “It’s haters season, stay fresh”, Sprite launched a film featuring Pole Dancing World Champion Alberto Del Campo.
In the video, we see him dancing to the rhythm of a text which was created using haters’ comments about men who practice this discipline.
The piece is shot in a single take (during the dance) showcasing the dancer’s ability and strength.
The video is part of a wider campaign, #ILOVEYOUHATER, which encourages to keep a cool attitude when facing haters’ attacks.
Agency Solution
Haters around the world are constantly posting hurtful comments on social media.
And teenagers are the most affected group. The comments sometimes lead them to depression, or even tragic endings…
As one of their closest brands, we got involved in the conversation by giving them a new way of speaking, and new tools, so they could act against the aggression.
The Sprite campaign #ILOVEYOUHATER is about real people facing real problems.
So, we took all the comments from Alberto’s social media and put them together in a text. Using language which was challenging for Coca Cola company as they are not used to it.
This is the first time in history that the brand allows itself to talk the way teenagers do, without prejudice, without filtering it.
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