A world without borders

By Ogilvy - Bogota, Ogilvy - Mexico City

For Aeromexico Brand Aeromexico

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Film

Project Description
The first destination of Mexicans is the United States, but the same does not happen with Americans towards Mexico. That is why we went to a typical American town to find out why southern Americans do not consider Mexico as a destination to travel and we found answers that clearly denote the xenophobia that exists towards this country.
In partnership with 23andMe, we performed DNA tests to prove that many of them had Mexican DNA in their blood, due to the great Mexican migration that has occurred to the US for the last two centuries. As a consequence, we turned their percentages of Mexican DNA into a corresponding discount to travel to Mexico. The film displayed people's reactions and how they "bent" their beliefs for a good discount showing that "There are no borders within us".
Agency Solution
Historically there have been xenophobic conversations in the United States, that were proven to raise since the arrival of President Trump. Hatred was at its highest level, and the intention of building a wall was more radical on the southern border.
The challenge was to increase the penetration of US flights to Mexico in a context where the political situation was becoming more aggressive and at the same time, reinforce and reaffirm the statement and position that the brand had been building for the past 3 years, according to which "There are no borders within us".
Aeromexico's DNA Discount film, took advantage of the precise moment of the longest Government Shutdown during President Trump’s administration, to become a viral phenomenon in more than 166 countries.
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