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Some of us who have been in and around creative departments for longer than is probably healthy, can recall a time when creatives (and indeed suits and planners) would bemoan their lot, saying things like,“if only we could……” or, “I wish it was possible to….”

The magical thing about being in today’s creative departments is that such questions are increasingly redundant.

Because in  2019, the answer to those old complaints is likely to be, “yes that is possible. Here’s how we can do it.”

I wrote last year about the essential nature of creativity being unchanged. But that what had changed was the freedom that data and technology had brought to the process.

That is ever more the case as time passes. The solutions our creative departments have conjured for so many clients remain as brilliant as they’ve ever been. But time and again we see those solutions only made possible by the application of technology.

I marvel at the minds that must have thought about putting ‘Wendy’ into the online world of Fortnite (to smash up the fridges). And I wonder whether, at the outset, they were convinced that it could actually be done. The brilliant digital and tech skills at VMLY&R made sure that it could.

It is a worthy Advertising Crème de la Crème winner.

But, as ever, it was pushed hard by all the other great work you’ll find here.

My congratulations to all those whose creativity makes this year’s annual a very worthy addition to the WPPed Cream pantheon.

Jury Chairman | Global Chief Creative Officer, WPP
John O'Keeffe

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