Lo Chingón Está Aquí

By MediaCom, H+K Strategies and J. Walter Thompson, Mexico City, Mexico

For AB InBev Brand Cerveza Victoria

Highly Commended in category Public Relations

In subcategory Corporate and Public Affairs

Project Description
Mexicans with brown skin had become marginalised in their own country. Uneducated, unemployable and unrepresented in advertising, we created the most shared video in Mexico in 2017 to kick start a process to rid prejudice from our industry.
The nation has forgotten what it means to be Mexican. It was affecting the brands we consume, the festivals we celebrate and even the “Mexicans” we see in adverts.
Eighty per cent of Mexicans are “Morenos” – with brown skin. They are the native people of our country but had become a marginalised part of Mexican society.
The country’s official statistics institute has found more than 70% of Morenos experience racial discrimination.
In any other country, this would cause national outrage – but in Mexico, it had become accepted. Morenos were second-class citizens.
So Cerveza Victoria, Mexico’s oldest beer brand, which has long championed the country’s history and heritage, set out to bring attention to this injustice.
Our challenge was to confront Mexicans’ behaviour, showing them that racial discrimination against Morenos rejects the very notion of who we are as a country. By doing this, we’d bring pride back to our heritage.
We united Mexico behind our movement.
Agency Solution
Our execution started with mobile phone footage of a Western-looking actor berating a director for expecting her to stand behind a Moreno in an advert – a small snapshot of everyday prejudice seen in Mexico and in our industry.
This kind of “hidden camera” video of deplorable behaviour had become widespread in Mexico, lending an authenticity to our campaign.
We unveiled this on Facebook and it soon went viral across all social media platforms, being shared over a 1.5m times in just 19 hours.
National news jumped on the movement, spreading our message across the entire country and beyond.
With outrage at fever pitch, we released a second video on Cerveza Victoria ́s Facebook and Twitter feeds, showing the actors coming together and explaining “not all beauty is white – advertising made you believe that.”
We had kick started our commitment to restoring national pride and encouraged everyone to join the movement using #LoChingónEstáAquí – translated as #mexicoisfuckingawesome.
Alongside our public messages, we also pledged real change. Cerveza Victoria committed to only use Mexican talent in its advertising in order to celebrate Mexico’s diversity and foster a climate of inclusivity in this important area of culture.
We issued a call for other brands to follow suit, lobbying the Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies to push for industry-level quotas.
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