Nature represented

By Maruri Grey, Ecuador

For Sambito Brand

Highly Commended in category Public Relations

In subcategory Business to Business

Project Description
We created Nature Represented, an initiative that allows attorneys and law firms from across the world to choose from hundreds of Ecuadorian ecosystems and species and allocate pro-bono hours for their legal defense.
Agency Solution
This is a game changing idea because Ecuador was the first nation in the world to grant rights to nature under fundamental primary law. Now, thanks to Nature Represented it has also become the first country in the world to give legal representation and protection to elements of nature, redefining the whole concept of environmental activism.

We developed a global recruitment campaign that enlisted lawyers and law firms form around the world into our website. Allowing them to choose from hundreds of ecosystems and species. We launched an integrated campaign with direct mailing, brochure, on site presentations and social media to raise awareness of the initiative and recruit lawyers and law firms.
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