BRAVECTO Remind Me Integrated Campaign

By GreyHealth Group, Y&R, Wunderman Health, GCI Health, Madison, USA

For Merck Animal Health Brand Bravecto

Highly Commended in category Health & Wellness

In subcategory Prescription to Consumer-Traditional Media

Project Description
The project was to create an integrated campaign that would exist across multiple channels in both professional and consumer communications. And, to have the campaign ready to launch quickly. That condensed timeline included on-boarding a new client, learning the brand, aligning teams across WPP, creating a style manual and understanding approval processes.
Since the overarching campaign included professional and consumer media, our strategic recommendation was to utilize a variety of elements interwoven through both media campaigns. These unifying elements included human and companion animal talent, background settings, language, mood, style and imagery.
Agency Solution
When WPP was awarded the Merck Animal Health BRAVECTO business in August 2017, MAH had never before worked with one company that could provide a single team working together to provide both professional and consumer campaigns, social media and digital content, PR initiatives and analytics. The WPP agencies involved in the BRAVECTO tactics are Y&R, ghg, Wunderman Health and GCI Health.
The content for Direct-To-Consumer campaign required leveraging one BRAVECTO creative platform, with separate ads for dogs and cats, to include TV, online video, print and digital banners as well as a demo video for consumers that outlined the benefit of a 12-week flea & tick product.

With the objective of convincing pet owners to ask their veterinarians for BRAVECTO by name, research was done to understand what motivates pet owners and how to drive the BRAVECTO ask. We utilized the emotional connection that pet owners want to have with their pets: “There is no relationship like the one we have with our pets. We consider them our best friends, think of them as family and always strive to do what is best for them. That’s why we want the ultimate flea and tick protection.”

Then, we searched for a director who knew how to work with animals and people, and would make sure they were all comfortable with one other. The final result was a campaign built around our new :30 TV spot featuring lovable pets and their forgetful humans. Using relatable family scenarios, humorous dialogue and pets in several different situations, the 12-week duration message was positioned as a benefit for both pet owners and their pets. Subtle but charming music and beautiful film made the campaign a pleasure to watch.
The new BRAVECTO spots began airing April 1, 2018. Within two months, the brand had reached the awareness goals that were set to be achieved by year end.
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