By VML, Sydney, Australia


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Project Description
Across Australia there is over 50,000 registered charities, almost one for every 444 people, yet the number of people giving to charity had dropped by 6% since 2015. Many factors are suggested for this fall. A lack of trust, or a lack of clarity for where the money goes, as well as drop in monthly subscriptions from younger consumers who prefer to make bigger one-off donations more than on-going bank payment commitments. UNICEF needed to find a new revenue stream that could fill gaps left by this once reliable income. The Brief: Find an alternative way to raise money for UNICEF that doesn’t rely on traditional methods of charity fundraising. The Objectives: - Create a new revenue stream that can sustain itself on relatively low investment. - Create new customer touch-points to communicate UNICEF’s message of hope to a new audience with lifelong potential.
We created The Hopepage – a website that helps fund supplies for the Rohingya crisis, by mining cryptocurrency for UNICEF. The web browser uses the computer’s spare processing power to solve complex algorithms, which is the basis of cryptocurrency mining. The more people who leave the page open, the more cryptocurrency is mined and automatically donated to UNICEF. We encouraged people to set the Hopepage as their homepage, using PR to gain national news attention and direct marketing to incite action.
Agency Solution
Our audience was young people who found themselves uninspired by the charity sector, who feel the problems in the world are so great that they simply don’t know where to start and find themselves stuck in a state of inertia. We needed to convince them that the simple act of changing their default browser settings just once and sharing this with friends and family, will be a first step in contributing to amazing causes around the world. This was not just a means for raising vast amounts of cash from a small commitment of effort. We also opened up a direct communication channel to millions of new leads who have already given us permission to speak. Each person who agreed to help generate cash from the UNICEF ‘Hopepage’ was also shown all the amazing work the charity is doing daily, whenever they opened their web browser each day.
We built a website that mines cryptocurrency in the background for UNICEF causes. Visitors to the website agree to donate spare computer power to the task, and then leave the tab open in their browser while they go about surfing the web as normal. The Hopepage draws attention to UNICEF’s most urgent causes, and quantifies exactly what your cryptocurrency is funding – from water and shelter to vaccines and school books. Visitors see a tangible result from leaving the page open. PR was used to gain national attention for this new way to donate, as well as social video appealing to people looking for a simple way to make a big impact for children in need. All proceeds go directly to a cryptocurrency wallet owned and maintained by UNICEF, to be distributed where it is needed the most – giving hope to millions of children around the world.
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