Stefan the stool expert

By Ogilvy CommonHealth, Sydney, Australia

For Aspen Pharmacare Brand Coloxyl

Highly Commended in category Health & Wellness

In subcategory Consumer-Traditional

Project Description
Apart from being physically debilitating, constipation is highly embarrassing to discuss and therefore getting an appropriate treatment can be difficult.
Coloxyl has a range of effective treatments from reliable laxatives to stool softners. But without the conversation people go without, or choose a less effective option.
Coloxyl wanted to bridge the gap and normalise the conversation with the help of expert advice.
Agency Solution
Stefan the stool expert shows us he knows everything there is to know about stools.
He's on a mission to tell everybody that soft stools are comfy stools. And the best way to get them is with Coloxyl.
He demonstrates that there are hard ones, very hard ones and occasional ones. He excitedly shows us how to get nice soft stools by using Coloxyl Stool Softeners. Even shows us there are different Coloxyl's for different needs and ages. Launched initiallay on online only, Stefan made it onto the big screen with a 30"spot across the Foxtel channels.
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