RX Prescription Stickers

By The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For Dubai Health Authority

Highly Commended in category Health & Wellness

In subcategory Consumer-Traditional

Project Description
Dubai has a blue-collared workforce totaling close to 750,000. Besides being mostly illiterate or with limited literacy, these workers also converse mainly in their native language. Interaction with other residents are generally limited through hand gestures and guessing.
While all workers are provided with healthcare benefits, there is no prescription system developed for those who have trouble reading. Therefore, medications are consumed based on what was informed verbally or through handwritten indications. Printed labels currently used were simply not useful.
The strategy then was to introduce a solution which would eliminate any confusion and was easily understood. The solution had to also be user-friendly, so no misinterpretation would occur when its put in use.
Agency Solution
To address the issue of literacy and to curtail the risk of an overdose, a simple pictorial prescription sticker was devised. It clearly indicated all the key elements that were required. From the number of tablets or the amount of syrup, the frequency and time of consumption and the duration of the course, were all illustrated on a sticker which was pasted by the pharmacist on the medication packaging. Common and basic symbols were utilised to ensure comprehension was absolute.
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