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By Grey Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil

For Volvo Brasil Brand Volvo Brasil

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In subcategory Consumer Marketing

Project Description
Imagine a person testing a product. When that person gives an opinion about their experience with the product, that opinion is spread in real time, in different media. That's what we did for the launch of the new Volvo XC60.
We transformed a simple and spontaneous reaction about our car in the official campaign of the New XC60.
When a driver was on test drive and had an opinion about the New XC60, a new ad was created, produced, approved and pushed out live to more than 1,000 digital billboards, banners and social media posts, turning candid remarks into the car's campaign. With each new test drive, the cycle started again and the campaign were updated.
At Volvo, innovation is a core value, a fact reflected in its essential brand identity. To launch the Volvo XC60, we followed this path.
The car’s launch needed something that would draw attention to the brand and, at the same time, entice people to test drive it. But test drives aren’t usually very interesting. We had to create an experience for drivers willing to know and test our car. We had to innovate like Volvo would.
Agency Solution
Volvo was convinced that anyone who drives the new XC60 would fall in love with it.
So why not make that, the campaign of the car?
Car reviews are important in all over the world, and in Brazil they can be even more influential to a potential buyer considering a purchase decision. When friends, family or acquaintances say something about a product, people give such opinions far more weight and credibility than when specialized media or the brand itself talks about it. But campaigns with reviews aren’t something new. A campaign with reviews in real time, however, has never been done before.
To create a unique and dynamic campaign, a team of over 50 people worked to monitor test drives, pull content from the test drives and use that content to produce ads- all in real time while the test drives were still in progress. The ad was composed of text of the driver's remarks accompanied by video of the driver’s in-car reaction, along with the driver's name. The time at which the remarks and video were generated were also prominently featured, to legitimize and underline the real-time nature of the campaign.
Campaign was published in real time on more than 1,000 billboards around the city, in the country's largest news portal and in the brand's social networks.
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