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By Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil

For Lepok

Highly Commended in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Retail - POS

Project Description
Lepok is a Brazilian stationery network based in São Paulo. In recent years, Lepok has been more dedicated to the sale of office supplies than school supplies, pushing schools away. And in the segment of sales of school material in Brazil, schools have much influence, since they make annual lists of school material and often indicate stores where to find what was indicated.
Thus, our briefing was to create something that would generate relevance among educators and school managers, showing that we are also a stationery retail for the school segment, as well as a supplier of office products.
Agency Solution
Our idea was to create a line of school supplies with a set of symbolic products related to causes of tolerance and inclusion for use in the classroom and at Lepok stores.
These products are intended to be used as a support learning material that encourages students to read, write, discuss, draw, paint, and many other activities as instructed by educators.
Our intention was to create a lecture in a package and show, with this unique and exclusive product line from Lepok, that the store network understands the school segment and knows what educators need.
Made in the form of a product and not a classic promotional material, the pieces also had the objective of not being barred by the school administrations and circulating among the educators.
The packs were developed with pedagogues with the premise of being a lecture in a package and thus not be seen as products, but as didactic material. Its format also transforms these products into posters, to draw attention to the network's activity alongside the educational segment in stores, creating a statement that we are concerned about our role in society.
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