NOC is a coffee company rooted in min

By Superunion, Hong Kong

For NOC Coffee Co.

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Retail - Permanent

Project Description
Hong Kong is an urban jungle in a jungle. This densely populated, vertical quagmire, is bursting with content - satiating an era that believes in more.
NOC is a coffee company that believes in less. Less of what you don’t need, or never asked for.
Less confusing menus. Less multiple choice. Less overly interested sales people. Less cutting corners.
With a philosophy rooted in minimalism and curation, NOC aspires to remove distractions, so customers can appreciate and connect with the things that matter.
We bought this philosophy to life with a brand positioning told through a contemporary visual identity and retail experience designed to offer moments of calm in the chaos of the city.
Agency Solution
We developed a brand positioning around the idea of curated simplicity. And ensured it was infused across every design touch point. A brandmark was designed to express three coffee cups form different angles, suggestive of curation – and applied to a variety of collateral with a minimal design aesthetic.
We created a bespoke art direction style, and shot an image library for social media, print and promotional use.
Retail environments were designed to be sanctuaries of calm in the urban jungle. Meticulous attention to detail, use of white space and contemporary fittings come together to remove daily distractions, creating a place of tranquility – where customers can focus on the product and connect with the things that matter to them.
A thorough identity guidelines was created to articulate the visual, and verbal personality for future brand growth.
Finally, we encapsulated the brand philosophy into a notebook. Inspired by the tale of the Princess and the Pea, a story about discerning the details through the layers that life puts in the way, the book shows how little things can make an impression when you remove distractions.
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