Discover the world's smallest social network

By Landor, Paris, France

For Louvre Hotels Brand Golden Tulip

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Identity and Branding - Identity Design Medium 100s

Project Description
Can you think of a worse match than a hipster in a boring business hotel room?
Our Golden Tulip client thus asked us a challenging question: how to get Millennials to sleep with an old Dutch lady, in a business hospitality world where fresh, social and sexy newcomers (CitizenM, Mama Shelter, 25Hours ...), myriads of boutique hotels and even Airbnb lead the game?
Research showed that this target audience had two main expectations when traveling: bonding and socializing whilst at the hotel, as well as connecting to the destination.
Beyond just creating a trendy bar or inviting hip DJ’s we built on the now famous “Work hard play hard” motto and turned every place and touchpoint in a pretext to play, following the new positioning “Play time, anytime”.
We wanted to go further by creating the best way to connect to the destination while fostering social encounters.
Agency Solution
Millennial equals digital, that’s a no brainer. The thing is that they are overwhelmed by self-proclaimed cool apps. So, we wanted to give them something real. Uncomplicated. Obvious. A real-life app that would not steal their private data, but instead load it with a refreshing experience
So, we created the smallest social network ever. A network that gathers two people, for real.
Data free.
Advertising free.
100% bonding (and sweating a bit).
Just tap one button, find your one match, and there you go: you’re off for a bicycle ride to discover the city that surrounds you.
This smallest social ever is a tandem bike to share thanks to the simplest matching app: Just tap a button, and A meets B. A simple way to connect to the city around and to meet a travel buddy. A tribute to Golden Tulip’s Dutch origins.
Only one reason to argue: who’s driving?
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