CREATE an algorithm to visualize the emotions of colour

By Landor, Paris & Geneva

For Wella Professionals Brand CREATE

Highly Commended in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Identity and Branding - Identity Design Medium 100s

Project Description
Our client, a professional haircare brand leader in colour, was late to the party on the new colour trend Rainbow hair. Everyone had already launched propositions that told the same story of art and painting. So what do you do when you arrive late to the party? You make a big dramatic entry.
We found that for hairdressers and end-consumers, colour is not art, colour is about emotions. Perception of colour is abstract and emotional, it is built on ideas, feeling and sensations. Few people know this better than professional hairstylists, so we asked the masters themselves how they feel about their favourite shades, using an algorithm to create a visual, and shareable translation of the Emotions of Colours.
Creating a new language, a new way to design packaging, a new perception of Colour and a radical departure from the sea of sameness in the category.
This digital and co-creative approach connects our brand to our targets, the creative Millennials and edgy Hairdressers, through a new creative language that enables them to do what they love most, to share.
Agency Solution
Who better to talk about colour than the masters themselves? We asked the brand’s masters of colour - the hairstylists - to share their perceptions on their favourite shade with us.
What would its rhythm be if it was a song?
What would it feel like if you could touch it?
What personality would it have?
We transformed their answers into data and developed an algorithm that translates their stories and feelings into digital expressions. We applied each unique generated image of their Colour Emotion to the packaging. Our Logo is also a unique code transforming each packaging as a portal into the stories and emotions behind each shade.
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