VOXI by Vodafone

By Ogilvy, London, UK

For Vodafone Brand VOXI

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Identity and Branding - Identity Design Large 1000s

Project Description
Vodafone had a youth problem. Fourth place in market share, fourth for consideration and fourth for NPS meant the brand was simply not on the radar of UK under 25s. So when Vodafone approached us with a brief to launch a new product to this sceptical audience, we knew we’d have to do things differently. We needed to break free from the ‘cold, ‘corporate’ image that clung to the mother brand.
Beyond that, it became clear that young people reject how brands typically communicate with them, complaining that "Everyone keeps telling us what to do", and asking "Why can't we decide for ourselves?".
So we decided to create something new, tailored exclusively for them.
We worked with Vodafone to create VOXI, the UK's first mobile brand for young people. Our core offering – Endless Social Data – comes from the insight that young people use social media more than any other audience to connect to the things they love.
Dynamic and always moving, the overarching identity is designed around its need to evolve to the diversity of its audience and their interests. It adapts and reacts to content and platform. And true to VOXI's purpose as a network, the logo itself is a facilitator – a visual device that acts as a window to the world of its audience.
Agency Solution
Young people are all different. Yet brands seem determined to categorise them as the same. Millennials. Gen Z. Pushing one message on them all, regardless of who they are as individuals.
When creating VOXI, the UK's first mobile brand for young people, we knew that they needed something tailored and inclusive.
So rather than second guess we worked with them. We collaborated with young creators from all over the UK creating content, exploring their passions. Over 88 pieces of content created in 5 months.
From Kingsman-inspired arcade battles to gorging on hundreds and thousands, the content they created reflected the diversity and creativity of our audience.
We launched VOXI with a two-minute film featuring 371 pieces of unique content sourced from the farthest reaches of social media. Its mind-boggling tempo reflects the content our audience consumes and the speed they consume it: quickly and in significant quantity.
From flying cats to human hotdogs, the brand connects it all together. The frame establishes context and connects the individual pieces into one seamless narrative – expressing the Endless Possibilities enabled by VOXI.
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