Corruption Detector

By Grey Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil

For Reclame Aqui Brand Reclame Aqui

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Digital - Experimental

Project Description
Based on facial recognition, Corruption Detector is a free APP that draws on a comprehensive database with all the official records of corruption, previously hidden in hundreds of courts across Brazil. By simply pointing a phone at a candidate, voters can now spot the corrupt ones in purple, no matter where they are: TV, papers, internet, outdoors and even in person. All data organized by the app is available for reference at any time. And on election day, users will receive an important notification: a reminder not to vote for a corrupt politician.
Agency Solution
The Corruption Detector app uses Microsoft facial recognition technology, which gives it 98% accuracy. In order to create our database and make it simple for anyone to understand, we had to gather data across hundreds of courts all over Brazil. It took us months to analyze, select which accusations and investigations concerned corruption or public administration fraud, and organize the information into one simple list. Then, we translated the legal jargon into all those incomprehensible court records into language anyone would find easy to understand. The app was launched by one of Brazil’s most renowned comedians, who went to Brasília, and stood outside Congress, taking selfies with politicians and showing Brazilians how the app works. Since then, the number of downloads has never stopped growing.
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