Elliptic find the truth in data

By Superunion, London, UK

For Elliptic

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Craft - Typography for Design

Project Description
Terrorism, ransomware, child pornography and weapons, all purchased using Bitcoin, an untraceable currency – until now.
Elliptic link Bitcoin data to criminals and provide intelligence to law enforcement (all the major ‘3 letter agencies’ in the USA and their UK equivalents). The recent massive growth in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has led to criminals taking advantage of its perceived anonymity. Elliptic’s technology allows them to link criminals to bitcoin addresses.
Targeted at law enforcement agencies and financial institutions. As a growing fin-tech start up, Elliptic also want to attract the best young tech talent.
Elliptic have offices in London, San Francisco and Washington D.C.
Agency Solution
Elliptic find the truth in data.
Negative space typography, inspired by data blocks, reveals what Elliptic are looking for. Legibility at scale is deliberately challenging to echo the difficult task they undertake. A simple black and white colour palette reflects the seriousness of the legal cases Elliptic provide intelligence for.
The Elliptic logotype adopts the same visual language but is the ‘positive’ representation of the typeface.
Creating deliberately ‘illegible’ headline typography is bold and challenging. The approach gives Elliptic a visual language that is uniquely their own and avoids sector clichés.
Launched in February 2018, confidential presentation file covers, printed documents, screen animations, Elliptic’s online presence, promotional items, launch film, event posters, environmental graphics and business stationery have been created as part of the comprehensive rebrand. An internal launch film was created to introduce the new positioning and rebrand to staff in all of their offices.
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