Vision Zero

By BCW, New York, USA

For New York City Department of Transportation

Winner in category Data Driven Insights

Project Description
By the time you get back to work tomorrow, another 12 New Yorkers will have been killed or seriously injured in a car/pedestrian accident. This happen about 4,000 times a year.
The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) said: Enough.
Working with the DOT, BCW discovered that 80 percent of pedestrian crashes in New York City involve male drivers between the ages of 30 and 50. And warning messages aimed at this group, highlighting the dire consequences of poor-driving decisions, wasn’t working. That’s because none of them see themselves as bad drivers, believing these terrible incidents are simply out of their control.
BCW flipped the dire-warning messaging into a more empowering and inspiring one, convincing this typically stubborn demographic that they had the power to make a difference in pedestrian traffic accidents and deaths. The resulting Vision Zero initiative ultimately turned New York City into the safest pedestrian city in the world.
Agency Solution
The Vision Zero campaign shifted the focus from blaming and guilting drivers to focusing on how difficult it is to drive in a busy, congested and pedestrian-active city. The “Driving isn’t easy, but saving a life is” messaging outperformed every research metric and was rolled out via an integrated marketing campaign to all five boroughs. The campaign used TV, print, online, outdoor, sponsorships, radio and events to communicate to New Yorkers that driving a car in New York City is not easy, but saving a life is because when you choose to follow the signs and drive slower, you can save a life.
For the first time, New York City drivers were positioned as the solution to the problem rather than the villains or problem itself.
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