Coming Out Training

By Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil


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Project Description
Life can be hard for LGBTQ teens. A situation that almost all of them can relate to is the struggle to come out to their loved ones, mainly to their parents. They have a hard time imagining every condescending or aggressive speech they may face and end up postponing this important talk.
ATHOS GLS is the largest online news portal focused on LGBT audiences in Brazil. Over its 20 years, the site has built a loyal, informed audience on issues regarding gay rights and concerns. That’s why it decided to create a way so that young LGBTQ people can feel more prepared to come out to their loved ones.
That’s why they decided to create an easy, discreet, safe tool to help LGBTQ youngsters experience this difficult conversation and feel more secure to reveal who they really are to their parents and loved ones.
Agency Solution
We combined the analysis of thousands of profiles of conservative people on social networks, an extensive research with the LGBT community and advisory from specialized psychologists to create a chatbot that emulates a conservative parent with each harsh speech they can deliver.
Users are able to choose among three difficulty levels, each one with a different set of speech so they can experience this conversation as many times as they feel necessary before talking to their loved ones.
By partnering with a developer that uses the latest chatbots creation engines, we gathered information from thousands of conservative social network profiles to develop the personality and speech of each bot in order to simulate the conversation as realistically as possible.
The bot was launched on ATHOS GLS portal. As Athos is the largest online news portal focuses on LGBTQ audiences, it effectively reached LGBTQ teens, our target audience.
We have also created small videos with real people talking about their own coming out experiences with their parents and we have spread them on ATHOS GLS portal. At the end of each video, we invite users to try our chatbot.
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