The Game That Never Was

By Grey , Bogotá, Colombia

For Blu Radio

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

Project Description
After 46 years, the Brazilian team Chapecoense went from being a second division team, to qualifying for the 2016 South American finals against Nacional of Medellín. Regrettably, all players and coaches lost their lives in an aeroplane accident on their way to Medellín, and the biggest game in the history of the team was never played.
Agency Solution
One year after the accident, an audio reconstruction of what the 2016 final could have been was created by Blu Radio using audio fragments from 28 matches played by Chapecoense in the past 10 years, including best goals, passes, penalty kicks and saves, which were edited together along with interactions from Nacional (the rival team) to create one seamless game. The game that never was.
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