Lyric Opera Radio: Death

By Ogilvy, Chicago, USA

For Lyric Opera of Chicago

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Radio

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Project Description
The message we wanted to convey through this radio campaign is that when you think opera, you shouldn’t be thinking of the stereotypical, stiff, boring pastime of the elites. The social snobbery usually associated with this art form is a thing of the past. Think instead of an imaginative, living, breathing art form created by men and women artists of intemperate genius and still fostered today by gifted composers and performers.
These radio spots debunk, in a funny way, some of the myths related to the opera art form aiming to attract the younger generations and to give an idea of the “new” Lyric Opera of Chicago.
Agency Solution
We changed the brand identity of the Lyric Opera of Chicago. We created a series of print, poster, and billboards that illustrated the many interesting cultural and historical aspects of opera, always with the aim to make the art form more accessible to the younger generations.
We used all social media channels to address millennials with tons of new content; facts and figures, anecdotes, quizzes, riddles, etc.
We created a successful radio campaign that approached opera in an unconventional and funny way, shedding all the social snobbery that has always clouded the world of opera (and also the Lyric Opera of Chicago) for too many years.
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