VR Vaccine

By Ogilvy, São Paulo, Brazil

For Hermes Pardini Brand Diagnosis Lab

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Promo & Activation

Project Description
The VR vaccine is an immersive experience that uses Virtual Reality to entertain children during the
vaccination process. As the children enter the vaccination room, we invite them to participate in a
VR adventure inside a super-hero themed land. We match the actions inside the experience to the
actions in real life, applying the vaccine at the same time the Super-Heroes inside the VR
experience apply a super-shield to the children's animated arm. A shield that will then help the
princess to save her kingdom. Our goal was to create something colourful and friendly. Everything
was planned to make the children more calm and quiet during the process. The dialogues and even
the colours are used to helps kids overcome the fear. We wanted to transform a traumatic experience into an experience they will want to repeat.
Agency Solution
Our main strategy focussed on the use of VR to transport kids out of the traditional vaccination moment; the cold and white environment of a hospital is transformed into a magical place and the vaccine stops being a hassle and becomes a form of entertainment. We created a 3-minute VR experience. A Super-hero story that shows and helps convince kids that the vaccination they are getting is a shield that will protect them against villains both in the VR world and in real-life. This strategy allowed us to create a better experience for kids as well as the nurses applying the vaccine, as they can apply them to kids that are calmer and not under stress.
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