First Steps

By Ogilvy , Chicago, USA

For SC Johnson Brand Kiwi

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Print

Project Description
In 2016, KIWI®️ set out to broaden perceptions of shoe care. Shoe care was about more than just polish for formal shoes; it was an act of personal pride that gave you a boost of confidence to take on the world.
We innovated new products to make the category more relevant and celebrated in our advertising individuals from around the globe who walked with pride.
And the consumer responded - the brand saw share growth in many key markets. In 2017, with “Portraits Completed” we showcased that greatness starts from the ground up by demonstrating your appearance isn't quite complete without KIWI. In 2018 we wanted to bring the concept a step forward, so we decided to celebrate the shoes - and through them the accomplishments - of some of the most iconic people in history.
Agency Solution
Endless words have been written about the people whose shoes are portrayed in this campaign. For instance, Muhammad Ali inspired some of the best sports writing ever, from the likes of Norman Mailer, Hunter S. Thompson, and George Plimpton. Far from yearning to compete with those legendary pens or to slavishly echo their style, we approached the story of 6 charismatic figures from a different angle; we put their steps in the spotlight. We showed the revolutionary impact they had. We illustrated the difference that these people made in the course of human events. Things we take today for granted, or in hindsight we think are self-evident. But for them, it was almost inconceivable to think what they thought. Few of us today would have the courage to walk even a step in their shoes. That is the crux of the idea that informs all the storytelling.
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