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Project Description
Forbes Brasil Magazine is one of the most prestigious business publications in the world and owner of a very important asset: the billionaires list. The thing is that the list reflects a sad reality in the business world: the disparity between men and women. That’s why Forbes decided to call out the problem and launched a campaign to its main target: businessmen, intelectuals and opinion formers in general. The first campaign called attention to one of the main causes of the disparity: the gender pay gap. To illustrate that, Forbes created female versions of the most powerful billionaires and showed how they would drop on the list juts by changing their gender. In 2018, for the second stage of the campaign, Forbes brought a brand new information to the target: the disadvantages women face when it comes to entrepreneurship. Female entrepreneurs receive less funds, less loans and less grants than their male counterparts. So, to illustrate that, Forbes, once again, imagined female versions of powerful men. But, this time, imagined what would happen to their companies if they had been born women. They would probably wouldn’t exist due to the lack of incentives. And they would end up being clients of their competitors. This way, Forbes managed to make people few how the gender inequality impacts not only the business world but the world itself.
Agency Solution
The campaign was run on Forbes Brasil Magazine. Moreover, posters were placed in business centers, universities and malls with a high concentration of executives an opinion formers. In parallel, a PR strategy focused on business publications, national newspapers and web portals spreading the word about the campaign.
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