Tick Tock

By VML, New York, USA

For Lonely Whale

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Outdoor

Project Description
Five trillion plastic pieces are found in our oceans today, and every minute the world dumps an entire garbage truck of plastic into the ocean. At the current rate, the United Nations has declared that by 2025 the plastic to fish ratio will be 1:3, with a major impact on oceans and ocean life. An immediate action is needed to create a strong impact and spread a global message that highlights the urgency of the problem, showing that we don’t have more time to waste.

To show the horrors of plastic pollution in the ocean’s for life under the sea, we activated volunteers globally to collect ocean debris via a beach cleanup. The debris found was then artistically turned into sculptures of ticking time bombs with a stat of what plastic has already destroyed and that time is ticking for us to save what is left. Each sculpture was also tagged with the location from where the real debris was found to give people more context that this was from a cleanup.
Agency Solution
A series of ticking time bomb sculptures were built using real marine debris sourced from various locations around the world. Once the artist created the sculptures. Specific pieces of plastic were accepted to be part of the sculptures along with the attention to detail of the local elements that were found on the location of the particular beach. The sculptures were then photographed on a stark white background and complemented with slashes inspired from
The date of 2025 our timer is ticking down from. The headline complementing each sculpture represented a stat that affected the area by marine debris and always ended with the words tick tock to heighten the urgency.
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