Rain Wi-Fi

By Geometry Global, Moscow, Russia

For Tele2

Highly Commended in category Advertising

In subcategory Outdoor

Project Description
In 2017 mobile operator Tele2 challenged its agency with a problem: heavy mobile internet users, the key source of business growth, did not perceive Tele2 as an attractive and suitable for them service provider. The solution to this problem was two-fold: first, there was a need to convince this demanding audience that Tele2 offers high quality connection, and second, operator’s image needed a significant uplift. Historically, the most critical situation with negative brand perception was in St. Petersburg – Russia's second-largest city. Tele2 positions itself as the only operator who puts its subscribers first and develops high quality products and services, which help people to overcome imposed restrictions and limiting rules. To bring this positioning to life Tele2 decided to create a unique experience, which allowed residents of St. Petersburg to solve day-to-day Wi-Fi connectivity issues in the city, so they feel positive changes in their lives.
Agency Solution
To reach the audience Tele2 used a combination of most targeted touchpoints: interactive mobile ambient, announcement in targeted digital channels, communication via selected innovative partners such as Microsoft.
Through SMM and online media publications we invited people to visit an online promo page at rainwifi.ru to vote for locations where they believed they needed Rain Wi-Fi the most.
To date, a number of rain-powered 4G-routers have been installed across St. Petersburg.
First phase happened from November to December 2017 and the second phase of the activation was implemented from April to June 2018.
The campaign was covered in:
· Social media. 3 664 550 impressions after 53 publications in popular groups;
· Special project 749 629 impressions of article. KPI were over full-filled by 156%;
· Online media partners. 107 011 042 impressions after more than 150 publications including top Russian federal news web sites (yandex.ru – 68 959 680 impressions, lenta.ru – 7 207 290 impressions);
· Federal TV. It was local project, but it created such a resonance that we had 2 broadcasts on federal TV channels with 28 000 000 impressions.
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