By David Miami, Miami, USA

For Burger King Brand Institutional

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Outdoor

Project Description
The idea is simple: to show that even the former presidents, C-level executives or directors of Burger King’s biggest competitor, McDonald’s, prefer flame-grilling as opposed to what they used to sell in their restaurants: flat-top fried burgers. We accomplished that by publishing photos from their previews homes, showcasing that they owned a flame-grill. They might not go to Burger King, but they try to replicate the results at home.
Agency Solution
"Burger King has been an expert in flame-grilling since 1954, and it has since become the brand’s most important product differentiator, as its main competitor, McDonald’s, fries their burgers. Talking about flamed-grilled burgers is a priority for the brand, and one that also helps connect with consumers. Why? We know 3 out of 4 people prefer a flame-grilled burger over a fried one. And with so much people preferring flame over fried, it was obvious we’d find flame-grilling lovers working for our main competitors. Showcasing this was the perfect way to tell everyone that “flame grilling is hard to resist”.
In the real estate listings from former presidents, C-level executives or directors from our biggest competitor, there were pictures of their former homes. And out of those there were some that had flame-grills on the backyards. We negotiated to get the rights for the photographs and just added our copy and logo. Then we aired the print and OOH campaign in magazines and billboards across different cities to get our message across."
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