# World’sMostHonestTourismFilm

By Ogilvy, Bangalore, India

For M P Tourism

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Film

Project Description
Madhya Pradesh, one of the prominent states of central India, has a myriad sights and sounds on offer. From the Sanchi Stupa to the Kahna wildlife sanctuary. The Chanderi saari to the Marble Rocks-waterfalls. It is a state where each attraction brings out the most honest reaction in those experiencing it. And this honesty can be seen in what they share with their friends and family. In their letters, sketches, photos, songs etc. lives the real reason to believe why Madhya Pradesh is a place one cannot miss travelling to.
The idea was not to lure or attract tourists by showing them picture-perfect, splendid, spectacular images which the eyes will never see in real. But to show them tourist destinations that looks exactly how it looks in real. To create the world's most honest tourism film.
Agency Solution
Every tourist destination is sold by showing its pristine landscape, the sights and sounds. Often this imagery shows the destination in all its glory but lacks a certain charm and honesty. The truth of the beauty and charm of a place lies in the ways people react when they experience it, making that the most honest representation of the destination. Madhya Pradesh has been bringing out the best of reactions in millions of travellers over the years. And it is their stories that make for the most honest and believable testimony to this wonderland of a state.
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