Humans Will Be Humans

By Ogilvy, London, UK

For Samsung Brand Knox

Winner in category Advertising

In subcategory Film

Project Description
As business becomes more mobile, businesses are becoming more concerned about keeping their data safe. But “business people” are just people. And they’re apathetic about mobile security because we all are. Yeah, we’ve read stuff in the papers. And we know bad stuff happens – like people losing their jobs, identities, dignity – but that’s the kind of stuff that happens to other people – never to us. For some reason, when it comes to mobile security, we never even think about the potential consequences. That’s why Samsung created their defence-grade mobile security platform, Samsung Knox.
Agency Solution
The more mobile our world becomes; the more protection businesses need. But employees don’t think that way. They care more about getting that presentation out than whether their free coffee-shop wifi is secured. They let their kids use their work phones. They lose them in weird places. So, using 100% found phone footage, we demonstrated some of the real things real people have done with their work phones. And showed how simple it is for businesses to keep their data secure with Samsung Knox.
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