Pass The Heinz

By DAVID, Miami, USA

For The Kraft Heinz Company Brand Heinz

Winner in category Public Relations

In subcategory Consumer Marketing

Project Description
The concept was to bring Don Draper’s idea to life. In the show, the fictional Heinz clients may not have seen his vision, but the real Heinz did. The idea was to faithfully recreate the ads proposed in the show and then seed them out in areas where Mad Men fans would find them. As 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the show’s beginning, it was the perfect time to launch, as fans become nostalgic about the show.
We reached out to LionsGate and AMC to get the rights for the campaign and, for the first time, took an idea from a fictional agency and ran it in the real world, in both billboards and print ads.
And while it was even more meaningful to know the reference, everyone would understand the message because a naked plate of fries isn’t the same without the great taste of Heinz ketchup.
Agency Solution
We needed to faithfully bring to life Don’ s vision for Heinz. This meant recreating the pitch boards exactly as they were presented in the episode, from the photographs to the copy, as well as getting that vintage 60s aesthetics just right. This also meant getting approvals from LionsGate, to AMC to the show’s creator Matthew Wiener.
We used 1960’s media, because online didn’t exist. So each of the three ads were adapted to traditional billboards in New York (the home of Don Draper’s advertising agency) as well as ads in newspapers and magazines. We also pushed the message further by utilizing the show’s theme and visual identity: we designed a press release in the style of that golden era, with old typewriter font, from the fictional agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and the show’s creators appearing on the credits.
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