City Watch

By Grey, São Paulo, Brasil

For SulAmérica Brand SulAmérica Auto

Highly Commended in category Media

Project Description
Brazil’s largest cities suffer from several street problems besides traffic. Waze is the app more frequently used by Brazilians to find faster routes. However, the fastest route sometimes is not the safest one, since Brazilian cities have many spots with a high rate of dangerous occurrences. SulAmérica, the largest auto insurance company in Brazil, wishes most of all to protect people. And it knows better than anyone else where those incidents occur. That’s why it decided to set up an unprecedented partnership with Waze, with the goal of protecting drivers and the people around them from the moment they find themselves at an unsafe location/situation, so that the fastest route is also the safest one.
Agency Solution
Waze has over 10 million users in Brazil, generating data that helps people find the best routes. SulAmérica has another set of millions of clients providing information on where and when major traffic incidents take place. For the first time the two companies combined their data to create a brand new service that protects Waze users right at the time they find themselves near dangerous locations, like unsafe intersections, areas with high rates of vehicle theft, presence of bicycles and motorcycles and many more. It was the first time a brand offered this kind of service at such a large scale. Relevant information, at the right time and the right context. All of that without touching a line of code, just using the app’s media display.
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