Campbell’s Storm Chasers

By Wavemaker (formerly MEC Global), New York, USA

For Campbell Soup Company Brand Campbell’s Soups

Winner in category Media

Project Description
For many years Campbell’s has been the leader of the soups category, primarily classic soups. However, with the rise of the premium/organic soup category, Campbell’s has been challenged with continuing to find its way into shopping carts.
We found the key to selling more Campbell’s soup is to inextricably link it to winter weather. That meant adopting a storm chaser mentality: find storms before they start, then remind people to buy Campbell’s in preparation.
But digging deeper under that data, we found our real insight: unlike any other hot food alternative for winter weather eating, people find it reassuring to open the same red and white Campbell’s Soup can their moms used to, because those memories warm the heart just as much as the tummy.
To make unpredictable weather, predictable, we turned to real-time data, cutting edge media technology, and sophisticated software to ensure Campbell’s media reacted to weather changes IN REAL TIME, AT SCALE and ACROSS CHANNELS.
Agency Solution
Here’s what we did:
Digital: Campbell’s partnered with IBM Watson and The Weather Channel to create cognitive digital display ads that dynamically served cold weather recipe suggestions when temperatures met storm parameters.
TV: TV ads ran only when a major storm was forecast. Plus, creative was customized in real-time: ‘Winter Storm Jonas hits tomorrow: do you have enough Campbell’s soup to make it through?’
Out of Home: To reach consumers stocking up on fuel before storms, gas station video screens served Campbell’s messaging when a storm was imminent, and helped people locate Campbell’s products nearby.
Search: Geo-targeted search ensured Campbell’s was discovered during searches for local storm or cold weather inquiries.
Social Media: Real time keyword targeting across Twitter and Facebook ensured Campbell’s became a part of cold weather and storm conversations as they happened. Emoji targeting even intercepted people tweeting weather emoji’s like snowflakes and frozen faces!
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