Don't Reach the Bottom

By Y&R, Moscow, Russia

For Simple Brand SimpleWine

Highly Commended in category Health & Wellness

In subcategory Non-Profit-Traditional

Project Description
Responsible drinking is a crucial topic in Russia, where almost 30% of the entire country's death rate is connected to alcohol. However, in a country where alcohol consumption is deeply rooted in national culture, it’s not effective to warn people about the dangers of alcohol abuse in a traditional way. Our goal was to warn people about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption for health and well-being in a non-conventional way, in order not to scare them away but to grasp their attention.
Agency Solution
To deliver maximum results and coverage from the idea, we chose a very specific audience to experience the message first: opinion leaders who are influencing thousands of people (bloggers, journalists, writers) all of whom are known as wine enthusiasts.
Appreciating such a non-conventional and unobtrusive solution to communicating the idea, they were intrigued to ask questions and spread the conversation further. They ignited public talk from a very personal point of view, sharing their own stories of overdrinking and its effect on their health and well-being - so that their followers could ask themselves the same questions, even without actually contacting the bottle.
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