Anonymous Friend

By J. Walter Thompson, São Paulo, Brasil

For Alcoholics Anonymous

Highly Commended in category Health & Wellness

In subcategory Non-Profit-Digital

Project Description
Teens in Brazil are beginning to drink earlier and in larger quantities. However, although cases of alcoholism have increased among them, asking for help and information seem far away from their world. We created a campaign that not only brings AA close to teens, so they can look for help without being ashamed of it, but also does it in a private and wide-reaching way.
Agency Solution
We created the first Facebook chatbot that helps teens with alcoholism. Over 20 hours of testimonials from real AA members were collected and turned into data to fill the chatbot. For every question, there is an answer from someone who knows exactly how a person with drinking problems feels, without any judgement. Like at AA meetings, people stayed after reading the stories and identifying themselves in them. From the 12 steps of recovery to general information about the disease, all content was made to guide people to a nearby group, which can be done simply by sharing your location. The Anonymous Friend is also able to help an alcoholic in relapse by finding an urgent group and help non-alcoholics with alcoholic friends or relatives by giving tips and ways to approach them.
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