By Geometry Global, Moscow, Russia

For Scania

Winner in category Health & Wellness

In subcategory Non-Profit-Digital

Project Description
According to statistics, drowsy drivers cause 20% of road accidents. And 28% of Russian drivers have admitted to falling asleep at the wheel at least once. They endanger not only themselves, but everyone else around them.
This is an opportunity for Scania to find a solution that would both help the situation and represent the company’s human-oriented and forward-thinking approach.
We needed to find a powerful, relevant and emotional way to deliver our message to our target audience.
Agency Solution
AngelCall app gives personal touch to safety control mechanisms.
Every long haul trucker has an “Angel” back home, someone who loves him and worries about him. With this application they can keep their husband or father safe and sound.
When Scania’s Fleet Management System detects that the driver is tired and needs rest, our application alerts the “Angel”. After the signal he or she immediately calls back and makes sure that their loved one gets some sleep. They keep the driver active by talking to him - until he reaches the rest area. As a result, the driver and the road stay safe.
We made our app as intuitive and easy to use as possible – so even a child can make an Angel call.
But being an Angel is still a serious job. To make it more fun, we added the achievement system - with badges for acts of care. They can be shared easily on social pages.
To build additional hype, we promoted our app through a couponing site and supported the campaign on SM.
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