What Powers You

By Wunderman Health, New York, USA

For GSK Brand Theraflu

Highly Commended in category Health & Wellness

In subcategory Consumer-Digital

Project Description
Theraflu is established as a remedy for cold and flu. However, in a category with dozens of products all doing and touting the same thing, it had low consumer consideration.
To differentiate Theraflu, we went beyond symptom relief to align the brand with a greater purpose. We did this by identifying a target audience we call ‘Power Treaters.’ People intensely dedicated to something beyond themselves, with the inner drive to make a difference; people who cannot afford to be knocked out of commission by a cold or the flu.
The campaign “What Powers You” told the stories of “Power Treaters.” Big or small, everyone has passions and responsibilities that are important to them, driving them to keep going. This “inner fire” is synonymous with what Theraflu stands for, which is the power to feel better. By tapping into that human truth, and bringing it to life, we celebrate their contribution to the greater good and encourage people to feel unstoppable.
Agency Solution
“What Powers You” told the stories of “Power Treaters”, talking to our key target and exploring what “power” meant to them. Themes around passion, drive and commitment emerged, which led to featured “influencers” driven by altruism.
We profiled real people, who, like our target audience, are involved in “passion projects.” Their stories metaphorically demonstrate the qualities of a Power Treater. From issues like homelessness, animal cruelty and hunger, these people are on a mission so important that nothing—especially not a cold or the flu—will stop them.
Each story had to be authentic and honest. They were unscripted, filmed in a documentary style, and presented the work these people do.
During the first half of 2017, the #WhatPowersYou hashtag organically delivered 10.9MM impressions on Instagram and 2.5MM on Twitter. Average engagement on Instagram was 2.86%, well above the 0.5 to 1.5% benchmark. Long-form content syndication delivered 500,000 paid impressions.
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