Dyslexic Sperm Bank

By Y&R, London, UK

For Made by Dyslexia

Highly Commended in category Direct

In subcategory Not for Profit

Project Description
The Dyslexic Sperm Bank campaign measurably changed perceptions of dyslexia, both online and within the physical space. People signed up to donate, and the charity Made By Dyslexia received countless financial donations as a result.
Only 3% perceive dyslexia positively. But it actually has many benefits. It often helps people think creatively, laterally and differently. Which is why 100s of history’s most influential have dyslexia, like Richard Branson, Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and John Lennon, to name a few.
The charity Made By Dyslexia wanted to change the perception of dyslexia by championing its benefits. They wanted to make non-dyslexic and dyslexic people see it as a positive rather than a negative, all with no budget.
Agency Solution
As a direct response campaign, we launched the world’s first Dyslexic Sperm Bank. The public were invited inside to experience the sperm bank and talk to our expert. The message behind the fully-functional sperm bank was that the world needs more dyslexics like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, et al.
This became a direct response film which was shared on social media and drove people to donate and take a dyslexia test online.
The pop-up sperm bank was staffed by a dyslexia expert who informed visitors about the benefits of dyslexia in order to change their perceptions. The sperm bank contained catalogues and posters of history’s successful dyslexics to support the expert’s claims. Hidden cameras filmed people’s reactions, which were turned into a heart-warming content film.
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