Child Labour's Call

By Wunderman Phantasia, Lima, Perú

For Telefónica Brand Fundación Telefónica

Winner in category Direct

In subcategory Not for Profit

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Project Description
The Telefonica Foundation believes in inspiring ideas to inspire the future, but in Peru 1.6 million kids don`t have the opportunity to stay in school to be inspired for their own future. Due to varying circumstances, they are forced to leave school between the ages of 6 to 13 to go out to the streets and work.
Our challenge was to bring awareness to this problem on a national scale, but with zero budget.
Agency Solution
Even though people witness the child labor problem with their own eyes, no one talks about it. So we needed to find another avenue where people would be willing to listen. With over 500,000 calls daily to Telefonica’s call center, we recognized that it would be the ideal way to get people to learn about this problem without it costing anything.
We asked children to be the voice of our campaign, sharing with them that their voice would be the catalyst to help stop child labor on World Day Against Child Labor.
We wanted to maximize the effectiveness of our actions by using a child’s voice instead of those of the call center employees. To engage the population, the recording was played at the beginning of every call so there was no way of avoiding it.
Furthermore, because our audience was so broad, we drew the attention of the media and social media influencers which expanded our reach.
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