The Colour of Corruption

By Grey, São Paulo, Brasil

For Reclame Aqui

Winner in category Direct

In subcategory Corporate and Public Affairs

Project Description
After helping 85 million people expose corporations' bad services every year, Reclame Aqui, the #1 consumer-protection brand in Brazil, decided to expand its business to citizen-rights by exposing the nation's new public enemy: corrupt politicians. The Colour of Corruption is a simple plug-in that makes every corrupt politician visible by highlighting their names in purple while surfing on the web. All of their official records of accusations, investigations and convictions, hidden in hundreds of courts, are now available inside anyone's browser. To see what they’ve to hide, simply mouse over any marked name and all their current data on corruption spread across different judicial authorities becomes easily available on a list.
Agency Solution
In order to create our database and make it simple for anyone to understand, we had to gather data across hundreds of courts all over Brazil. It took us months to analyze, select which accusations and investigations were about corruption or public administration frauds and organize the information into one simple list. Then, we transformed all those incomprehensible court records into a language easy to understand. Finally, we developed database software to transform all of this data into a simple plugin that automatically highlights corrupt politicians' names on every website, showing the list of their official accusations with a mouse over.
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