We Are Parrilla

By DAVID, Buenos Aires, Argentina

For Burger King

Winner in category Direct

In subcategory Consumer Marketing

Project Description
In Argentina there are more than 12,000 people named "Parrilla" (Grill). And almost everyone has suffered bullying at some point of their lives because of their peculiar name: "Grill you make me really hot", "You are the only Grill that can't be turned on", "This wiener is for you Grill", and it goes on.
At Burger King we are proud of being flame grilled since 1954 and we want all the “grill” to feel the same. That's why we decide to give every “Grill” in Argentina a free lifetime supply of WHOPPER® . Yes, for real. This benefit is for life, just like their last names.
Agency Solution
The “Parrilla”(Grill) family was the excuse we found to communicate Burger King's maximum differential: "We cook our hamburgers on the Grill." So we get a way to talk about "Grill" every 1 second throughout the campaign.
The execution is a testimonial format where 6 people surnamed "Parrilla" tell the camera the bullying they suffered for having that last name. They were not actors. They were real people to whom Burger King, via a letter, had given the benefit of free hamburgers for life.
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