Outthink Melanoma

By Ogilvy , Sydney, Australia

For IBM Australia

Highly Commended in category Direct

In subcategory Consumer Marketing

Project Description
How do we get people to believe in a brand they never touch, see or experience?
IBM is the world leader in cognitive computing. Their cutting-edge AI, named Watson, can understand natural language, self-learn, reason, and interact - processing vast amounts of data in more detail than any human could get through in a lifetime.
But demonstrating this can be tough. We needed to demystify IBM Watson.
We found an issue most Australians can identify with... melanoma... and put Watson to work. 
Melanoma kills 1 Australian every 6 hours. It's our deadliest skin cancer yet one of the easiest to treat.
Partnering with the Melanoma Institute and Molemap, IBM is working to help skin cancer experts detect melanoma sooner and more accurately. How accurately? Currently clinicians can successfully detect melanoma at about 60% with the naked eye. The target for IBM Watson? 91% accuracy. That’s 13,000 lives every year that could be directly affected.
But Watson needed data. Lots and lots of data.
Agency Solution
We built a brand new data collection method – the Watson Smart Mirror. 
Simply by standing in front of the mirror, everyday Australians spoke to Watson as he analysed their age, gender and sunscreen coverage. Where their risk profile warranted, they were referred to a skin specialist in the booth right next door. That specialist would then take hi-resolution images of their moles for analysis by a specialist dermatologist if warranted.
But clearly, not everyone could get to Bondi to meet Watson in person. So, to provide every Australian with the chance to participate, we launched a nationwide call to tell your melanoma story on social media. By tagging your story with #outthinkmelanoma, Watson could read and incorporate your experiences into his own learning.
We engaged all Australians to tell Watson their melanoma story. A tweet, a post, a photo, or even an interaction without the Watson Smart Mirror would help. By sharing their stories, Australians can help save lives.
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