By FamousGrey, Brussels, Belgium

For Klara

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Project Description
Classical music is the ancestor of almost all music we know today: RnB, hip hop, pop, rock, dance, trance, edm ... So, it's a pity that many people have lost this connection to this rich, cultural heritage.​ ​ Klara, Belgium's classical radio station, wanted to introduce more people to classical music.​ But the problem with classical music is: where should you start? Classical music is a generic term for music that exists for more than 10 centuries. A lot of people have no idea how to explore this inexhaustible treasury of the most diverse types of music. They don't know the huge range of classical music genres, performers, composers, ...
Agency Solution
Many people have lost connection to the rich, cultural heritage of classical music.​ Therefore, we developed Klarafy, a tool to help listeners find classical music that aligns with their personal taste. By focusing on what classical music has in common with their own favourite music, people felt more confident to set their first steps in the world of classical music. Our tool translates your music taste into classical music by anticipating what you will like. Choose a Spotify playlist with your favourite songs, no matter what genre, and Klarafy then choses classical music that corresponds and explains why you might like the pieces. The result is a web tool that feels as a technological imitation of a music expert who sifts through your collection and bases his recommendations on the real you.
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