Footnote For The Breast

By The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai, UAE

For Medcare Women & Children's Hospital

Highly Commended in category Direct

In subcategory Consumer Marketing

Project Description
The Middle East today is progressive and is on par with many nations around the world in terms of development. However, values, especially from religious and cultural aspects remain conservative. Some subjects even to this day continue to be taboo.
As a healthcare service provider, Medcare Women and Children's Hospital wanted to raise awareness of the importance of a health check, especially amongst local and Arab women.
The objective of this initiative was simple: While some health conditions may be taboo to talk about, there should not be any taboo for checking.
Agency Solution
To gain attention for the communication something impactful had to be implemented. The strategy was to use Breast Cancer as an anchor point, as it was culturally sensitive and it affected a large number of women in the Middle East.
Being early in the year it was also unexpected, as the focus about this disease is traditionally communicated in October. This would therefore create a buzz with higher number of enquiries.
The execution involved using pebbles stamped with a simple message. The pebbles were then placed in the shoes of women who went to mosques or prayer halls. When they returned and put on their shoes, the “lump” could be felt immediately and the message seen. The instant reaction to this discovery should ideally be the same when a lump is discovered on the breast.
Medcare’s Toll Free number was also stamped on the pebble, calling women to respond. The Call Centre Operators were briefed to schedule a free-of-cost consultation appointment for those who enquired.
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