Visceral Reality

By J. Walter Thompson, São Paulo, Brasil

For Instituto de Defesa do Direito de Defesa

Highly Commended in category Digital

Project Description
Brazilian jails face a big problem: mass incarceration. In a space meant for 3 prisoners, there are actually 4 times more people. And the great majority of these people didn’t even receive a trial before being thrown there mostly because of some kind of prejudice. With people living under these inhuman conditions it is fair to say: in Brazil, justice is not fair. We created a campaign to make people take injustice personally in order to change this context. By using VR technology we put people inside a crowded prison cell in a 360° experiment to experience injustice. After wearing the VR, people were hosted by a real prisoner who talked about how he ended up being imprisoned for 8 months without ever being tried in court. He also shows the inhuman conditions of a crowded cell. After taking the VR gear off, people face the prisoner, now in real life. Then he speaks about how more injustices can be prevented by having the petition signed.
Agency Solution
We went inside the Brazilian justice system to check the causes and consequences of crowded cells and also to check the reasons why people go to jail without even being tried. After that, we measured a target of people over 18 years old from all over Brazil who are open to listen about human rights. The campaign made them take injustice personally by putting them through a first-person experience in order to change the bad situation faced by the Brazilian prison system. Our activation contained a VR experience and an exposition of prints with educational stories of real prisoners. All redirected people to a digital platform where they could sign online petitions.
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